A Definitive Guide for Bunk Beds with Stairs Reviews

full or twin bunk beds

So, you are looking for a kids bunk bed that can fit in your nice house. You will love it for sure; it is such a good space saving idea for your kid’s bedroom.

The stairway bunk bed is for older ones with the recommended age at least 6 years old. (Ref: http://www.cpsc.gov).  The ladder is not so space consuming but not ideal for younger ones and aesthetically unpleasant. For staircase bunk beds, though it occupies a larger space you can utilize the stairs as drawer or storage underneath. So, there is a cons so to speak

There are many bunk beds reviews on different type and brands; it is our own nature to feel a bit confused for being inundated with information. Being mistaken in your purchase could cost you time, money, and sometimes the safety is compromised. So before making a decision, make sure that you are getting the best bunk beds for your needs. Let’s do this.


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Ultimate Bunk Beds Guide

ProductBunk Bed Twin over Twin Mission Style in Honey with Stairway and DrawersKings Brand Furniture B125H Wood Arched Design Convertible Bunk Bed, Twin, Honey FinishFull Size Bunk Bed with Stairway Chest in Amber Wash FinishWalnut Finish Wood Twin Over Full Size Convertible Bunk Bed
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Image and Price

FeaturesSolid wood construction
Comes mattress-ready with slat roll foundatons--no bunkie boards needed.
Functional drawers under each step plus Dual Under Bed Drawers for additional storage
Reversible Stairway provides easy access to top bunk.
Wood arched design twin size convertible bunk bed
Made of hardwoods and veneers
65-mm wood posts, arched curved, splits into two beds and 12 slats
Available in honey finish
Measures 83-inch width by 42-inch depth by 64-inch height
Full over Full Bunk Bed
Under Dresser with 2 Drawers
Elegant Stairway Chest with 4 Drawers
Constructed from Harwoods with a Natural Oak Finish
Excellent choice for any Children's Bedroom
Walnut Finish Wood Twin Over Full Size Convertible Bunk Bed .
Select Hardwoods and Veneers. Includes safety ladder and safety rail for top bed.
Easily separates into two beds, 1 twin and 1 full. Includes 14 wood slats.
Dimensions: 59"W x 79"L x 73"H.
Simple assembly required. Mattresses are not included it could be purchased separately

Well, you’ve come to the right place. The two types of access is a bunk bed with stairs or a ladder, the two have always have steps to the top bunk. You have to decide which one is suitable for you.

For sure you already know what bunk bed is – but in simple term is a double deck bed made of wood. It can save half the space of the room of your kids by utilizing the vertical space.

You Have a Choice: Bunk Beds With Stairs or Ladder?

The price difference between with ladder versus stairs is more or less half, while the stairway type offers some advantage such as:

  • You can use bunk beds as storage in stairs, yes – you can store your items or boxes underneath the staircase without clutter.
  •   Bunk beds with trundle and stairs – trundle used to move the bunk bed using a wheel so can manage easily if you want to rearrange your kid’s room, so the weight of moving huge bunk bed is taken care of.
  • L shaped bunk beds with stairs – this is designed to maintain the width of the bunk bed at the same time the stair step can be as low as possible for easy access.
  • Bunk beds and drawers – another yes, you can buy with drawers included such the (put product here with drawers).

The Forgotten Bunk Beds Styles

  • Mission – we’ll find out later
  • Stairway – awesome style
  • Bookcase – good for storing books and not need a bookshelf, remember those story books?
  • Twin trundle – yep, you can disassemble move it around
  • Under bed drawers – a bed to store those children’s toys becomes handy to be in this place

Common Bunk Beds Color or Natural: What Fits on Your Bedroom

  1. White bunk beds with stairs – when you room is light, this a very suitable design
  2. Honey – it’s a golden bunk bed so at least your room is beige to match
  3. Espresso – suited for light colored room
  4. Cappuccino – suitable for dark room, if you have painted you room with dark colors, these can blend.

Bunk Beds Size

Twin over full  – this is a smaller bed over the bigger one, you can jump from top over it and still land on the foam (not safe though).

Full over full  – big beds on top of each other so these is very comfortable to just roll above and below the bunk – awesome!

 Twin over twin  – if the space is limited and you got smaller kids, this is suitable. But I would not recommend this because when they grown you might need to dispose these earlier that you’ve expected. So, better the above two options.

 Don’t Make Getting in a Bed : A Mission

When most people think of bunk beds with stairs, what they are actually thinking of a ladder—not really stairs.  But if you want a unique outtake on stairs for bunk beds, you really should look into custom made with stairs—actual ladder, that is.   For that, you need the “Twin over Twin” Mission style containing an actual stairway, drawers under the bottom bunk and cubby holes underneath each stair.

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Mission Style “Twin over Twin” Bunk Beds Review

Constructed of solid wood and finished with a touch of honey, this timeless design is perfect for children of all ages, right up into the teens.  Your kids will never need this until it’s time for them to get separate rooms.  Each bunk is individually made with a slat roll foundation that eliminates the need for a box spring or bunkie board (though you can use either or if you’d like) and two huge storage drawers are under the bottom bunk.

Safety is a big concern for many parents, especially with bunk beds above the floor level at heights.  These beds are sanded and sealed with a splinter-preventing coating that is lead free and safe for children.  And unlike ladders, the stairway provides a safe way for your child to reach the top bunk.  The beds are also lined with four side rails, two head boards, two foot boards and protective slatting that adds to the attractive design. The design meets or exceed both ASTM and CSPC safety standards.  Measures 70″ high x 104″ long x 44.5″ wide. Bottom bunk is 11″ off the floor

Bottom Line

Overall, if you want unique design with safety for your built in bunk beds, look no further than the Mission style “Twin over Twin” bunk beds with stairs.  Providing you with the best in storage, bunk beds and beyond, click here to see the  Bunk Bed Twin over Twin Mission Style right now to get the best bunk beds for your children.

Get Full Sized Comfort and Versatility in your Kids Beds 

Consider this twin over full sized convertible bunk bed your savior.  Instead of going with triple bunk beds, the best bunk beds for alternative sleeping arrangements have a full sized mattress on the bottom bunk with a twin sized mattress on top.

Twin over Full Sized Convertible Review

Standing 73 inches tall and measuring 59 inches in width and 79 inches in length, these beautiful furniture Convertible Bunk Bedare made of top-quality hardwood and veneers, finished with either a white or walnut touch.  Including an attached safety ladder that is far less intrusive than other freestanding ladders (thanks to the recessed upper bunk), these built in bunk beds make an amazing addition to rooms that need a little bit extra living space.  Plus, a safety rail lines the top bunk, making it perfect for a sleeping child while mom and dad sleep on the larger bed below.

The twin and full sized beds easily separate into two individual beds, each one lined with seven wooden slats that make comfort and affordability a reachable goal.


  • Custom bunk beds have twin and full size bunks, making for versatile sleeping arrangements
  • Sturdy bolt construction
  • Built-in bunk beds stairs keeps the ladder out of the way
  • Gorgeous design add elegance to rooms


  • Assembly required, including stairs
  • Reinforcement of slats with plywood might be necessary for rambunctious little ones

Bottom Line

If you need custom bunk beds that allow for unique sleeping arrangements, these are the best in line for you.  Designed brilliantly to add a touch of elegance just where it’s needed.  Click here to find out  Twin over Full Sized Convertible Bunk Beds right now to get a super-low price on these bunk beds with stairs.

Kings Brand Bunk Beds  are Fit for a King

Are you looking for the best furniture for your kids at home?  If gorgeous arched wood and brilliant design are on Convertible Bunk Bed, Twinyour stylistic check list, then the Kings Brand Furniture B125H Wood Arched Design Convertible Twin Bunk Bed with Honey Finish is just what you’re looking for.  This elegant twin convertible bunk bed has a wood arched design that brings style and class to any bedroom.  This is the intelligent choice and the best bunk beds for kids of all ages since even your youngest children will appreciate it years from now (they won’t think it’s too “childish”, forcing you to spend money down the line).

Kings Brand B125H Bunk Bed Review

Made of hardwood and veneers and touched with a beautiful honey finish, these Kings Brand custom bunk beds come with 65-mm wood posts and an arched curve, allowing you to split the two beds into separate beds.  This gives you the perfect sleeping solution during the years of bunk beds and beyond.  Containing 12 slats, the Kings Brand Convertible Twin bunk beds weighs 112 pounds, has a width of 83-inches, a depth of 42-inches and stands 64-inches tall.


  • Extremely sturdy construction
  • Honey finish and arches bring elegance to the bunk beds
  • Bunk bed with stairs for easy upper bunk access
  • Easily assembles in under 2 hours
  • Rounded corners for safety
  • High-quality wood


  • Might need sheet of plywood for extra slat support for kids who tend to jump on bed
  • Ladder assembly required as well (typically the hardest thing to assemble

Bottom Line

This is one of the best product on this category in the market, giving you elegance, durability and versatility all in one package.  Click here to see the  Kings Brand Furniture B125H Wood Arched Design Convertible Bunk Bed right now for the best price on these amazing twin bunk beds with stairs from Kings.

These beds are made with different materialsstyles and colors.  They can be made of wood, metal or hard plastic. Because metal can rust and break, the wood bunk beds will last longer. The metal bunk beds come in the colors white, brown, black and red for a few. This makes it easier to match the bed to the décor of the room. With the separate pieces of furniture to go with the bunk beds, the pieces can be moved into different positions.

Bunk beds are fun for children and useful in saving space in a crowded room. Unlike older bunk beds with a small ladder that is dangerous, these are much safer. A staircase added to the bunk bed adds security and confidence to the one who sleeps on the top bed.

 Wooden  – What’s the Difference?

  • Made Out of Wood Instead of Metal
  • A Staircase Replaces Small Ladder
  • Bunk Beds Have Large Rails on the Top Bunk
  • Wood Bunk Bed Frame is Polished to Prevent Splintering

Furniture That can be Added

  • Desk
  • Chest
  • Bookshelves
  • Trundles
  • Storage Drawers Added Under Bottom Bed
  • Two Extra Storages Under Staircase
  • TV Stands

When deciding on what bunk bed system to buy, there are several choices to choose from.

The Size of the Bunks Beds with Stairs- Twin or Full Over Full?

bunk beds with stairsIt varies from twin-over-twin, twin-over-full, full-over-full, twin or full-over-futon and loft beds. Another rare size bunk bed is king-over-king. It is made of a very strong metal.

The loft bed has one full or queen size bed with a staircase. The bed is higher than a traditional bunk bed. This height creates even more free space under the bed. The loft bed is perfect for a teenager’s room and dorm rooms. Loft beds make it possible to change the configuration of the pieces into many different positions to personalize the usage of the bed. The bunk bed with the futon on the bottom would also be a good choice for college and high school students.

 Another type of bunk bed is the triple bed. Some triple bunk beds have the two in the same position as a normal bunk bed and a third one attached to the top bed going in a the other direction. Another layout of a triple bunk bed is one on top of one another three high. There is additional storage under the bed positioned in the opposite direction.

 Things to Consider When Buying a Triple Bed

  • The Amount of Your Budget
  • Size of the Room
  • The Space Required
  • Amount of Space it Will Save
  • Children’s Needs
  • The Usage of the Bunk Bed
  • Make Sure That Bunk Bed Frame is Sturdy
  • Make Sure That There are not Any Bare Screws
  • Assemble at Your Home By Professionals

There are a few more things that need to be considered when choosing a bunk bed. A couple of them are to decide if the bed frame is sturdy and how rough the children may be on it. Sometime the height or weight of a child may determine which style is necessary.

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Kids Furniture Set – Add this One

The biggest benefit of bunk beds with the ladder is the space that it saves in a room where two or more children are sharing the same room. The amount of storage that will be added by adding a chest and two storage areas under the bottom bunk is where most of the extra storage is created. More storage can be added in the empty space under the staircase. When two or more children are sharing the same space the extra storage is needed. It gives each child a place to store their clothes and other personal things.

bunk bed stairsThere are children that care how attractive the bed frame is. Matching the style and color of other furniture or wall décor can be accomplished. A good sturdy metal bunk bed could be the answer. They come in many colors that make it easy to match. Another type of bed that will come in different colors is the strong plastic bed. This choice may work but the sturdiness of the frame is important. New styles of bunk beds are not the same as in the past. In the past, the bunk beds were only made in the typical style of two beds one on top of the other. The only two features were the ladder and the ability to take the two beds apart to make two beds. Bunk beds are safer, more attractive and offer many styles and possibilities. Today the choices are endless.

 If a budget is low for the purchase of a new bunk bed, the extra pieces like a desk or chest can be bought separately from the bed. Buy the bed and the other pieces that are within the budget. Then when it is in the budget buy the other parts of the set. Comparing prices of different stores, it will to get the best price available. Another possibility is to purchase a used bunk bed. Buying a newer bunk bed with the staircase and other safety features is best. The older styles can be unsafe and may not be sturdy due the age and usage of the bed. It is possible to find a used bunk bed that has not been treated roughly by the previous own but it will take time to find someone with one.

Bunk beds alternative – loft bunk beds with stairs is the other name of it so you will be confuse but it design for adults.

 How to Find a Cheap Bunk Beds – Over to You

The Internet is a good a great place to research the prices and styles of bunk beds. The price of a new one can be expensive. There is thousands of websites that have information that will help in making the decision, but the three above I picked are my favorite and highly recommended. The price is variable but depends what you need.

Quick Note:

Please make sure you have the measure the height of the ceiling and the square footage of the room where the bed is to be set up handy. If you are not comfortable with trying to set up your own custom made bunk beds with stairs, then find a seller to find a built in for your. Hope the above article is useful or else Find out more here !