Bedz King Twin Over Full Bed With Review

In this previous article about twin over twin Bedz King with trundle we conclude that it is a neat choice when you Bedz King Twin Over Full Bed Reviewwant spaced saving style.

Now, this is the big brother  because it’s a Twin Over Full Bed from Bedz King. Let’s go.

What’s in it for you?

Bed – you have a bigger bed at the bottom of the bunk bed therefore more room to roll and pamper yourself or  your kids will enjoy it, this come as big a king size or queen.

 You have a choice for storage

First, the stairway to the upper bed contains drawer, so you get you older kids climb over  and store their toys on the drawer. Well, you have now a clutter free sleeping bed, and ask your kids to get the habit of putting all the toys on the drawer.  It can be as many as four, depends on how high you want to be.

 Bed with trundle

Sometimes you kids just lazy to go up and want to stay with you especially when they are. They like to stay with you. No worries at all, you can pull the trundle and lay the mattress. And cha-ching –  he/she can sleep with you.

 It’s a white bunk bed

It comes from a solid wood from Brazilian pine and a white finished. Actually, white can be blend in any light color room motif. So you don’t have problem – but you paint it if you like. But white is very neat to look at. So, I am you – select the white bunk beds.

 Bunk Bed Plan and Dimensions

– before you purchase make sure you got the right dimension of you room and see this item if will fit. For sure it will. But just double check.

  •   The total extent or footprint  – approximately  69 1/2 (height) x 104 (width) x 60 inch (depth)
  • The bottom bunk is almost a feet from the floor  (11 inch to be exact)
  • The legroom between bottom bunk slats and top bunk slats (discounting the mattress) is approx. 38 Inch –
  •  Interior measurements of the drawers – 17 3/4 inch (width) x 15 Inch (depth) x 10 inch height
  • Trundle dimensions are approx. 10 Inch(height)  x 74 Inch (length) x 41 Inch (depth).

See it yourself the Bedz King Twin Over Full from! NOW

How big is the mattress needed?

It can contain a mattress up to 8 1/2 Inch – Set includes (4) Side Rails (2) Head Boards (1) Foot Board (36) Wood Slat.

 What Other Have Said – Bedz King Twin Over Full Bed Review

“It is very good but you need to allocate some hours for assembly [fair enough]

Another customer says “They love the color and it is super study – his kids love it.”

and  another one “He bought two of them for my two sons and loves them because it is spacious!”
Few tip for you when buying or when you assemble a bedz king bunk bed or any bunkbeds for kids:

1. Get some ventilation before you open the box and unpack. The strong smell of the furnishing may cause to some of you allergic reaction and you may not like the strong smell of finishing.

2. Get the necessary tools – e.g. power drill – that right. To prepare for assembly you need the basic equipment to assemble it.

3. Always remember safety and follow the manual for assembly.

4. Always upside the smooth face to prevent scratching the smooth surface or else it will look older even if is only a few days from assembly.