Best Bunk Beds – Four Things to Consider

Bunk beds are useful and fun for children and adults. Choosing the best bunk beds requires a little thought about four important bunk bed features. They are, construction and material quality, safety for all users, area utilization and accessibility.

Bunk beds have come a long way since the old military/summer camp/orphanage styles of the past. These wonderful pieces of inventive furniture are more functional and attractive than ever. Virtually unlimited themes, sizes and aesthetic appeal are available.

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 Construction and Material Quality

Solid wood, composite and metal alloy bunk bed features are absolutely necessary to guarantee beds will last for a lifetime. In the past, bunk beds were thought of as economy units and pieced together with cheap corrosive metals, springs, fiber boards and mill end lengths of wood.

Now, world famous companies known for quality, beauty and universal function produce models built well-enough that they can be used in expensive lodges, hotels and residences. An Ikea bunk bed, as well as many other types, are considered luxury items. Never choose a bunk bed with cheaply manufactured parts and features which seem questionable.

Safety For Everyone

Similar to other construction features, safety should be a top indicator of bunk bed quality. All wooden surfaces should be split-resistant, finished and have mostly rounded post corners. Metal parts like fasteners, frames and sliders should be invisible and smooth.

Never choose a bunk bed that is rickety in any way, or contains parts that young children can undermine and “fiddle with.” There is nothing worse than sleeping uncomfortably and waking up to an injury.

The Best Bunk Beds For Different Areas

Several people can be comfortable in a smaller area by using bunk beds. Combining uses is also a great way to save space. Models can be simple and compact, or massive and multifaceted. Think about incorporating these types:

  • futon bunk beds
  • loft beds with desks
  • bunks with built-in entertainment centers
  • triple-tiered and layered-level bunks
  • convertible models


Old style bunk beds either had thin, unsteady ladders to climb, or no way to reach the top bunk at all. Quality bunks should have sloped permanent ladders, end staircases and unimpeded entry points. This is especially important for small children who aren’t safe climbing and adults with mobility issues.

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Anyone should be able to enjoy sleeping on a top bunk. Never choose a bed where excessive self-powered climbing, swinging or lifting is required.