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Bunk Bed will allow you to make the most of your bedroom space. Your children will be able to sleep comfortably on these durable and sturdy, twin bunk bed brands. A stairway has been built into it, so the top of this wooden bunk bed can be accessed quite easily and safely. To be considered as the best kids bunk beds with stairs  shall includes a trundle that goes under the bottom bunk and can be pulled out if a third twin bed is required. This unique bunk is not only cost-effective and practical, but will also allow you to save considerable space in the room.

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Durable & Safe

The choice was Bedz King Twin Over Twin Stairway Bunk Bed (review here) has been constructed from solid wood Brazilian pine. Bunk beds of this size do not come cheap, but this one is well worth the investment, considering how durable and sturdy it will prove to be. The wood is adequately safety for young children, without any medium-density fiberboard or particle board. Even the clean, fully sanded and smooth finish with coating is child safe since it will prevent cracks and splinters. The stairs are safe and solid too with non-stick strips on them so children will never slip and fall, while they will also be able to hold the rails firmly enough, even with their little fingers. All in all, this is a very durable and safe bunk bed.

Save Space

If by any chance you happen to have just two in your house, this bunk bed will come in handy, particularly because you will get three beds in a single setup. Moreover, if those rooms are small, it probably might not be feasible for you to fit in three individual, separate beds for your kids. Apart from the bunk beds, which can be split into two twin beds, the twin trundle is capable of serving as an additional twin bed.

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Storage Options

Three individual drawers have been built into the stairway for additional storage, where a myriad of items can be stored. The drawers can be used to store all those items that belong in a children’s room but would otherwise have to be stored somewhere else.


. According to these customer reviews, most of them enjoyed the following benefits that this bunk bed offered, while only a few of them experienced some minor drawbacks.

  • Bedz King, the company behind this bunk bed have tested it in their independent laboratory to ensure that it is child safe and of high quality.
  • This bunk bed can be set up fairly easily. While the instruction manual does not contain much writer content, the picture-oriented instructions can be easily figured out.
  •  It will be possible to assemble the stairs on either side of this bed.
  • The built-in stairway that leads to the top bunk is safer than a ladder.
  • Twin size mattresses will be effortlessly accommodated by both the bottom and the top bunk.


  • The only complaint that a couple of customers have had with this bunk bed is that the space between the bottom and top bunk is not enough and might prevent children from sitting up. However, they can still sleep down there quite comfortably.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will there be enough space between the top bunk and the ceiling?

A. The overall height of this bunk bed, from top to bottom, is 62 inches. So, even if your children’s room has a little less than 8-feet high walls, there will still be 30 inches or less space available, which means that even an adult can sit straight up there.

Q. How much weight can each bunk support?
A. The top bunk can support up to 175 pounds of weight, which means an adult can join one or two kids up there. The bottom truck can support even more weight, up to 200 pounds.


If you have a larger family and are living in a larger house with a limited number of rooms, then this Bedz King Twin Over Twin Stairway Bunk Bed will prove to be quite ideal for you and your family. It should be obvious by now that this bunk bed is made of a very durable material, i.e. solid wood Brazilian pine, and you will also be able to save quite the space, while having extra storage space too.


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