A Brief Overview Of The Built In Bunk Beds

No more straining your back as you bend over to clean those dust bunnies from under the bed! No more children scared of monsters under the bed at bedtime! No more toys lost forever under the bed! The solution to all your problems has arrived in the form of simple and trendy built in bunk beds. Not only do they give the whole room a more organized look and lots of positive energy, the kids love it as well making it a great investment.


From adding an element of fun to the kid’s room to gaining more closet space, built in bunk beds can practically be incorporated anywhere into the design of your home. Here are a few ideas on how to do this:
• You can save the extra space by foregoing a guest room and installing a pair of these bunks in the kid’s room. Add ladders in place of the typical steps attached to bunks in order to make them look grown up and maybe curtains as well.
• Bunks in the playroom so that the floor of the room is freed up and the kids have maximum space to play in.
• Putting bunks along both sides of the room leaves a great space for a sitting area in the middle and is ideal with a family that has lots of children.
• If you manage to achieve a small window in each bunk and add curtains to it, you are left with something as personalized as a private bedroom with hardly any space used up.
• Installing one of these bunks in a dorm room can result in a lot of extra space being created while simultaneously decreasing the mess that is an inherent part of all dorms.

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Apart from the fact that they are a great way to get organized, these bunk beds are a great idea for adding the perfect element of cozy especially in a family of young children. Some great experiences that these bunks can add to are:
• On those days when flu hits home, you can all snuggle up on a bed instead of being stuffed on a couch while you watch TV or eat warm soup.
• Sleepovers become ten times more fun when you add bunks to the mixture of excited kids, junk food and movie marathons!
• A perfect guest room for multiple visitors in the event of visiting families, children’s college mates and holiday reunions!

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With regards to these bunks, there are some absolutely great ideas available in DIY websites online as well as in furniture stores. The IKEA bunk bed is also available in the built in variety and can be purchased in some great colors and designs with economical prices as in characteristic of IKEA. Additionally, IKEA also has a great range of loft bunk beds which let you use the same floor space twice. With a sturdy bed on top, you can use the area under it to create an exciting work station all in one compact package! Bunks are a great idea to incorporate if you are constructing a new home or remodeling parts of your existing one. Happy bunking!