Bunk Beds and Beyond Depends on Your Room Theme

Furniture trends come and go just as clothing styles change. However, some pieces of furniture are simply too functional and too practical to be allowed to fall by the wayside. Instead, they simply get a revamping of design to make them compatible with the ever changing trends. Bunks beds are one of those everlasting furniture pieces that continue to be updated.

Housing Trends and Bunk Bed Designs: A Winning Combination

Small home living is quite trendy. Families are finding ways to make small houses, townhouses and condominiums work for their growing family. Space-saving, multi-purpose bunk beds are an ideal choice of furniture for growing families in small homes.

Bunk beds designed with drawers under the bottom bed or storage space behind the stairs are great for small bedrooms that have limited space for accent furniture. A loft bed with desk provides a sleeping area and study space in one compact design. Loft beds are complementary to a modern, contemporary or transitional home decor. They are a great bedroom furniture option for a teens room.

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This can serve as a multi-functional space in a child’s bedroom. One level can be used as a sleeping area. The other level can be utilized as a reading area, play space or display space for stuffed animals. It can also serve as sleeping space for occasion overnight guests.

Downsizing has become a popular trend for empty-nesters. However, grandparents need a place for grandchildren to sleep during extended visits.  A bunk or loft beds can be an attractive addition to an extra bedroom. There are some wonderful bedroom design ideas that include one or two sets of bunk beds. The grandchildren might find bunk beds to be one of their favorite features about their visit.

Futon Bunk Bed

Dorm rooms, loft apartments and small condos can be challenging when it comes to choosing furniture. Listed below are a few of the benefits a futon bunk bed has to offer that make them an ideal option for challenging spaces.

  • They are simplistic and minimalistic in design which makes them a space-savers.
  •  They provide both seating and sleeping space.
  • They can be used in a living room or guest room.
  • Designs vary so that it’s easy to find the perfect finish option and design style.

Bunk Beds and Beyond

It is a way of describing some of the new design trends. Bunk beds and beyond include designs with a bed and desk combination, loft beds in a variety of configurations, themed bunk bed designs and many other variations on the original bunk bed design.

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Drawing from the past to gain speculation as to what the future holds for bunk beds, there’s no doubt they will remain a part of the home furnishings selection well into the future. Their design will continue to evolve and diversify to accommodate various lifestyles and housing trends.