Stork Craft’s Espresso Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed

Stork Craft’s Caribou Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed is a sought-after and timeless piece of furniture that is perfect for toddlers and it can be a great heirloom piece to be passed on to later generations. This bunk bed comes in several colors: pink, blue, navy, espresso, white, and cherry. Of particular interest is the espresso-colored bunk bed.

Espresso Bunk Bed Features

The bed is perfect for the small bedroom as the bed is small in height and stature. As the child grows older, the bed can easily be converted into separate twin beds. Plus, the bed is designed with safety in mind. Some safety features include full length guard rails, durable fastened ladder, and unique fastening systems.

Other features include:

  • Stylish wood product and wood construction
  • Complimentary accessories include Stork Craft dresser, hutch, or chest
  • Allows for shipping and compact packaging
  • Inclusive of a slat roll mattress support (full-sized)
  • Easy to assemble
  • Inclusive of a One-Year limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • Assembled dimensions: 78.4 inches (length) x 42.6 inches (width) x 58.25 inches (height)

What to Look Out for

Once one gets his or her espresso bunk bed to be used for children, one must check if all the parts for assembly are complete. Assembly may take some time getting used to and one gets the hang of it a bit later. One must make sure that the parts list is complete and it includes every bit of nut, bolt, or dowel.

At first, one may be intimidated with the look of the wood components, which may be complicated in design. However, one can get past it and assembly would be much easier once the person gets over his initial fear. Included in the package are the parts list and assembly instructions. Even if one cannot find the list, it can still be downloaded online.

Safety Precautions

However, even if one’s espresso bunk bed kit is complete, the result would be useless and unsafe for the children if the bed is not assembled properly, the right bolts are not used, and if one does not ensure the bed’s sturdiness. Thus, there are precautions that one must take before attempting to assemble the bed. As there are many small parts involved, it is paramount to unpack hardware and parts with care to prevent scratching the lacquered components.

When one has finished assembling the bed by carefully following instructions, one should be mindful of the child’s safety afterwards. One should always use the right mattress size to help prevent falls or entrapment. Periodically, one must check and make sure that the ladder, guard rail, and other components are in their right position, and connectors are tight and damage-free.

It is also important not to substitute parts. One should contact the dealer or Stork Craft for replacement parts. Plus, the use of sleep or water flotation mattresses is not allowed.


Making sure to assemble the Stork Craft Caribou Twin over Twin Bunk Bed safely and meticulously will help ensure that the little one will sleep peacefully. With the bed’s design, one can easily transform the child’s bedroom theme into an ‘outdoorsy’ design that can be appreciated for many years to come.