Custom Bunk Beds – It is Cheap or Not?

So your child wants a bunk bed, where do you begin?

Bunk beds can be used for many purposes maybe she/he wants more floor space as with a loft bunk bed, a place to put all those stuffed animals, a place for friends to sleepover, a workstation as with a loft bed with desk or a place to sit and relax as with a futon bunk bed. Whichever reason they may have you’ve begun your quest to find the best bunk beds for the job. There are several options available to them such as custom bunk beds, built in bunk beds and store bought bunk beds that are standard.

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Custom Bunk beds

They will enjoy this type of bunk bed because of customization options. The possibilities are endless but their budget might not be. So if they want to save money a great option is to build it yourself. Building a bunk bed can save money all that is needed is listed.

  • 2-by-4s planks
  • 2-by-6s planks
  • drill
  • screwdriver
  • hammer
  • measuring tape
  • nails
  • carriage bolts
  • Miter saw
  • plainer

Instruction on how to create a custom made bunk beds:

  1. Cut 2-by-6s planks to be 78 inches in length and two planks to be 41.5 inches in length. Make a box with the wood. Cut 4 more 2-by-6 planks to be 41.5 inches to support the mattress. screw one plank 3 inches from the head of the bed, the other plank 3 inches from the foot of the bed and screw the other planks 25 inches from the foot and 48 inches from the foot. Repeat for bottom bunk.
  2. Cut four support beams 65 inches tall and 2 inches thick. Use a carriage bolt to screw the boxes horizontally to the support beams.
  3. Cut the 2-by-4s to be the same dimensions of the box about 78 inches. Screw the 41.5 inch planks onto the support beans. Screw the 78 inch planks to the support beams. The bottom planks fasten 6 inches from the top and the top planks fasten 6 inches from those.

Built in bunk beds

They would feel as if they had the best bunk beds ever when having a built in bunk bed. While this option isn’t for sale in stores. It must be built in your home to blend right in to your homes structure. Yet another pricey item but worth it if they want luxury and classic styles.

How to choose the right bunk bed


  1. Configure their space
  2. Set up a budget
  3. Get creative
  4. Think of the materials, if wood isn’t their preference then maybe try metals


  1. Buy the first cheap bunk bed
  2. Spend more than budgeted
  3. Forget to do research

It is cheap or not? Not really given to time of the construction and your effort.

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Everyday them bunk beds will get more creative. They can become more technical and innovative. Finding new ways to save space, have more functions and designs so get ready for more bunk beds and beyond what their capable of today.