Full Stairway Chest Amber Finish Full over Full Bunk Bed Review

Bunk beds have always been popular for a variety of reasons. They are practical in that they make use of vertical space, Full Size Bunk Bed with Stairway Chest in Amber Wash Finishso they are commonly used in areas where the amount of floor space is limited, such as military installations. There is also the esthetic appeal: Many people simply enjoy being raised above the floor while they are sleeping. This article is devoted to one specific type of bunk bed that may be purchased at these at Amazon!

Full Stairway Chest Amber Finish Full Over Full Bunk Bed

This bunk bed is manufactured by Coaster Home Furnishings and has two levels. Just beneath the bottom level are two long drawers, and to the right is a staircase leading up to the top level. There are four stairs, each of which has another drawer beneath it that is half the length of those at the bottom. The bed on the top is bounded on either side by a set of three thick rails to prevent the occupant from falling off, and this safety feature makes this one of the best bunk beds for kids.

Having beds and drawers together in one structure is also a great convenience because it enables those who occupy the room to keep it tidy. Both the stairs and the top bed are quite sturdy, and the stairs can be detached. They are certainly an advantage over a ladder when it comes to safety because it is more difficult to fall off them.

The rails, however, are fixed into the structure and cannot be removed. (One owner intends to remove them with a power saw later.) The oak wood of which the structure is made can be either stained or painted. Because of the size of this bunk, it is not recommended for small bedrooms. If the owner decides that he or she would like to have some extra parts, it is no problem having them made at Home Depot and other stores.

What Customers Are Saying

The average customer review for the full stairway bunk bed is four stars, with a plurality of five. Here are some of the wonderful things that those who have bought the product are saying:

  • One couple bought the set for their twin toddlers, who are now three years old. They had been refusing to sleep in traditional toddler beds, always sneaking into their parents’ queen-sized bed at night! Because of the rails, there has never been an issue with them falling off the bed. Nice!
  • An entire family of four, including two daughters, has slept together in the top bunk without a problem.
  • “Very sturdy and well made.”
  • A married couple who bought the bunk bed put it together in just two hours. Another put it together in a half hour! The fact that the set comes with the stairs pre-assembled makes the job especially easy.
  • “It is just as nice as it looks on the web!”
  • The lower bunk offers ample room for the head and body.
  • Many people dislike bunks with ladders.
  • On the few occasions when the package came with parts missing, the service people were friendly and willing to deliver those parts with a full apology.
  • Full over full is an attractive option for children who love to “scootch and sprawl” while they sleep.

The full over full bunk bed described in this article costs just under $1,000 and is certainly worth every dollar and its just like you have a custom bunk beds. It is designed to last a long time and those who use it, love it!

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