The Function of Kids Bunk Beds

Bunk beds today have come a long way from the traditional two-rectangular-framed-beds-on-top-of-each-other bunks that we used to know. These days, kids bunk beds come in all sorts of designs and have multiple additional features. Therefore, when choosing what type of kids bunk beds to buy, we should consider the various functions that such bunk beds can have, so that we can choose the one/s that will best meet our and our kids’ needs.

Two or More Beds in Onetwin bunk bed

The obvious advantage that bunk beds have over traditional beds is that with kids bunk beds, we can fit several kids’ beds in a smaller amount of space than we could have fit if we had used traditional beds. Such space-saving bunks can come in a variety of styles, each one allowing for a different number of children to use them.

Standard Bunk Bed

The standard bunk bed has two similar-sized beds one directly on top of each other. Whatever the size of the beds, the number of kids that can use the space is doubled. If the beds are singles, then two children can use the bunk, one on each bed. However, it is also possible to have twin-bed bunks, which allow two children on each bed, bringing the number of kids that can use it to four.

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Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

This design uses a twin-bed on the first level and a single bed on the second level, thereby allowing three children to use the bed, While a small amount of space over the twin-bed is wasted, some parents choose this design because its asymmetrical shape is more stylish than the simple boxlike shape of the standard bunk bed.

With Pullout Bed

Both the standard bunk bed and the twin over full bunk bed can come with another bed that pulls out from under the lower level. This provides additional sleeping space for either one child or two more children, depending on the size of the pullout bed.

Beds and Furntiture in One

– Futon Bunk Bed
A futon bunk bed is like a standard bunk, except that the bottom level features a futon couch, which can be converted into a bed. This is especially useful for small rooms since the same space that is used for a couch in the daytime can be used as a bed for sleeping at night.

– Loft Bed with Desk
A loft bed is one that has a bed only on its second level, thus allowing the space underneath to be occupied by other furniture. The loft bed with a desk underneath is ideal for school-age children as it gives them a space to do their homework.

– L-shaped Bunk
This bunk is so named because of the L-shape that can be seen when viewing the bunk from an overhead view. The L-shape of this type of bunk beds makes it ideal for placing in a corner of the room.

The special feature of the L-shaped bunk is a free area under the second level that can be used to place many types of furniture, the most common one being a desk to fit into the free space under the second level.

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drawer bunk bedAdditional Storage Space from Kids Bunk Beds

The various bunk styles can also be fitted with many different types of features that allow storage of kids’ items. These include the following:

  •  closets
  • shelves
  • drawers
  • cabinets
  •  clothes bars

The variations are virtually endless! Surely, you can find a bunk bed that suits your needs as well as those of your children.