Review : Bedz King Twin Over Twin Stairway Bunk Bed with Twin Trundle

Stairway Bunk Bed Twin over TwinIt is a wise thing to do for one to do some homework before making a purchase of a bunk bed. Always check first the right measurements of your room, making it sure the maximum height it can accommodate so that there will be no issues by the time you put the bed inside the room.

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This unique bunk bed does not only provide practicality in terms of cost but also it saves you so much space in your room. It allows 3 people to sleep individually in one unit making it to accommodate for more people to sleep in the same room. It is actually a 3 beds that gives great option to be prepared for sleepovers and 3 drawers to provide convenient extra storage, and these can be found in just one product. This is ideal if you have limited rooms in the house and you are a 4-5 family members. It is suitable when you have twins or sisters or brothers who want to sleep in the bedroom in a separate beds, and still gets an extra one for suitable guests who will be staying overnight or so.

Bedz King is Really for a King? Here are the advantage

Space saving – the provision of 3 beds in one setup is such a great relief especially when you have only 2 rooms in the house. It is difficult to fit a 3 separate individual beds and so this stairway bunk bed twin with trundle just solves the dilemma for parents out there having two or three kids. The extra drawer storage also gives such a comfort to place other things like mattress, children’s clothing, toy storage or a place to put school related items. Depending on their choice but the bottomline is, it gives extra space to put things inside their room making it more organized and tidy.

Quality and safety– Beds can be one of the items in the house that requires quite an amount of investment thus it is critical that you choose something that is durable and sturdy. Especially if it will be intended to be used by small kids, it must be safe enough as little children are very active and could be playing on the bed and climb up the steps with quickness. Thus, before buying this bed, check if there are any defects or safety hazards that may result to a potential danger once it is already in your home. Check the bases if it strong enough for your kid’s weight.

Usage – Just to be reminded that this type of bed usage can have a short time use especially if kids are grown up and they prefer to stay in a different room for some privacy reason. Take note of the years you will be kids will be using it so that you would know whether the amount you pay for it is worth the years to serve its purpose.

Customers Ratings and Reviews

To date of this writing, the Stairway Bunk Bed Twin over Twin Trundle had a total of 43 reviews in amazon, having an average rating of 4.0 out of 5.0 stars. There are 25 who rated this product a 5 stars, 12 who gave it 4 stars, 3 that gave 3 stars, and 3 that gave 1 star.

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Below are common feedback customers have to say in general, which I believe would help you guide to make the best decision to purchase this bunk bed with trundle:

1. Easy setup – Many are very pleased to find out that setting up this item is not as hard as it is expected. The instruction was easy to follow with clear visual or photo guide making it convenient to figure out on how assemble it up.

2. The steps on the side, instead of the usual ladder, is safer for the children to climb up, gives more safety as they try to climb up the top bed. They have non-stick strips on them to help against slipping.

3. The solid material is good, it holds up strong even when kids play on the top bunk thus it gives parents more confidence that it will last long enough even when with hyper kids.
The storage in the stairs was big enough to put shoes and mattresses and many parents are relieved and pleased that this product also accommodates such need. No space is wasted.

Disadvantage – Though many says it is easy, but some find putting this bed together as time consuming. There many of the pieces that were not properly labeled, making the assembly requires more effort and time.


The Stairway Bunk Bed Twin over Twin Trundle is ideal for the small family type who lives in a limited no. of rooms in the house. It is very durable and it saves so much space as well as it can accommodate some sleepovers without worrying where they would sleep. It is neat and the storage in the stairs gives more convenience putting your children’s belongings in a tidy and organized manner. The steps are far more better than having a ladder thus in terms of safety, this should be on top of your list.