White Bunk Beds with Storage – Choosing a color?

white bunk bed with storageHere in the modern world we tend to squeeze as much as we can into the tiniest space, whether it be microchip technology or the skyscrapers on the horizon. This however is none of the above, we are talking pure living space utilization, arranging furniture on a single level is so 1950’s. Arise the bunk Bed -its a  space saver, the slumber deck of the divines.

Since childhood a bunk bed has been the unity between brothers or sisters alike, the unconquerable mountain or maybe the secret base disguised with a well placed bedsheet.

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Lets embark on a journey, a voyage unto the raised mattress, its time to realize whats missing in your life.
When it comes to furniture nobody does it like those clever people down at Ikea. The Ikea bunk bed assortments go from old school to space age whilst keeping the price family friendly. There’s the classical bunk, arrange 2 young people into the space that would usually only accommodate a lone sleeper. Have you ever tried squeezing a pc and monitor under your bed? Well step into the future with an Ikea loft bunk bed, with space for desk and chair, for that single child who has too much going on in his life to take up floor space with something as unimportant as a sleeping.

Now when we think bunk for people automatically think two beds. this is however not the case, take the futon bunk bed combines sleeping with general lazing. Think of the future for the rest of the room when you have seating, sleeping, computing, and homework all in an area that would normally have a single purpose?

The best is saved for last, I mean this shows what man does,  the design and understanding of the modern urban household. What we are talking about here is bunk beds with storage in white or any color?, don’t want to believe it? Good lets explain why;

1) Comfortable – Most kids would sleep on the floor if it was allowed, now they will beg you to go to bed.

2) Storage – Cupboards and closets become obsolete.

3) Wipe Clean – What is that? Gum? Jam? Snot?

4) Unity – Growing up with your older/younger brother/sister becomes a team game.

5) Multi-sex – There white bunk beds with storage, boy’s room, girls room, it does not matter.

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white bunk bedBunk beds are the unsung heroes of crowded bedrooms and barracks alike, turn your household into a tip top tight ship.Turn the bedroom into a world of infinite adventure and imagination, If we bunk now we won’t flunk later.If you grew up with bunk beds you know exactly what is meant by these statements, if you didn’t, we can only suggest you spend your hard earned money, go down to your local furniture shop or online store, buy one for your kids and just for the hell of it spend a little time to play and find out what your missing.

Bunk beds, making kids childhoods since a man on a boat decided 4 kids were too much work for normal beds.