What is a Wooden Bunk Bed with Stairs – Things to Consider

Bunk beds have become very common in recent times because they have numerous advantages over the single beds. Parents with young children often prefer these bunk beds because they can easily fit in children’s bedrooms especially if space is an issue to consider. Bunk beds with stairs can be made from either metal, plastic or wood.

However, wooden bunk beds with stairs are favored because wood is arguably the best furniture material; it is stylish and contemporary. Bunk beds are usually heavier than their counterparts, the single beds. Besides, additional features such as drawers and a staircase are bound to make the bed even heavier.

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 Types of Wooden Bunk Beds

wooden bunk bedWooden bunk beds can be designed in different ways. Some come with additional features such as a staircase, drawers, rails etc. Common types of wooden bunk beds with stairs include; a loft bunk bed, a futon bunk bed, a standard bunk bed and even a triple bunk bed.

A futon bunk bed has the lower bunk in form of a coach that is convertible into a bed. The loft bunk bed on the other hand has only a top bunk so that the lower bunk area can be occupied by other accessories like drawers for instance. A loft bed with desk is also popular because one can have a bed and a workstation occupying the same space that a bed only would have otherwise occupied.

Advantages of Wooden Bunk Beds with Stairs

Bunk beds help utilize vertical space that would have been wasted. Create more playing space in kids rooms Bunk beds with accompanying accessories like drawers provide more storage space . Children can share a room yet have individual beds thus not fight over personal space. The stairs are more than a functional feature; they are safer than the traditional ladders on which children were more likely to slip.

 Things to consider when buying a bunk bed for kids

The safety of the children ought to be the first priority when one is searching for the best bunk bed for their children. Children will most likely get excited about sleeping on a bunk bed and this excitement may be a cause for accidents. Ensure that the bunk bed has additional safety features such as rails on both sides and a sturdy staircase to get to the top bunk.

  • Consider the space between the bunks and how high the top bunk will be relative to the room’s ceiling.
  • The bunks should be a comfortable distance apart so that the child does not wake up suddenly at night and bang their head on the top bunk.
  • The upper bunk should also be a safe distance from the ceiling so that the child occupying it doesn’t hit the ceiling with their head.

The age and maturity of the children need to be considered as well. Very young children who are very playful and energetic should generally not be allowed to sleep on the top bunk. They may be oblivious of the dangers of falling from such heights and end up getting hurt.

twin full bunk bedEnsure that the bunk bed is sturdy on its feet. It should not shake in a manner that shows instability. Its frame needs to be able to support two or more people without buckling in. IKEA bunk bed is renowned for its impeccable quality and its thus a great choice when looking for quality wooden bunk beds.

For some people, they ought to look for a versatile bunk bed which can be separated into two twin beds when the children are all grown up. A bunk bed with a trundle beneath it is also a great choice because then it can accommodate one more child.

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Lastly, the cost of the bunk bed is another factor that a buyer needs to consider. Prices range depending on the material used to make the bed; softwood, metal, hardwood and plastic have different prices. A bunk bed that has been used before will also cost cheaper than a new bed. Make your choice depending on your budget.


Wooden bunk beds with stairs are functional and a savior piece of furniture where there is limited floor space. They can be custom designed as the owner wishes and children also love to sleep on them. They are just the right furniture piece for children’s bedrooms.